“Art is more than what meets the eye.”

23b36b00bcf6648bf1365c05839f7122That may be the most redundant phrase you have ever heard about art. Congratulations! You’re about to hear it again. Art is more than what meets the eye

Art isn’t for the sake of brightening up a plain room. It is the creation of an artist. But let’s go over some questions. If what I say is true, then what is art more of? How should art be perceived through the human optics? Why should it be interpreted in such a way?

Let’s begin with what art is more of: relationships. When one sets his or her eye on a piece of artwork, a relationship is instantly established. Many people tend to overlook such a correlation between the viewer and the art. When one views art, one is trying to comprehend art. Is it not true, that between humans to humans, we try to understand each other? That is exactly what we do with art. We look for a certain similarity, a certain difference, and most of all, some understanding of the art. Remember, art is not always a representation of the artist nor the artist’s opinions. So in truth, we are not always looking for a way to relate to the artist, just the piece itself.

How should art be perceived through human eyes? There are many answers to that. Some have the perspective that one should view the art through the eyes of a historian, while others find that art is best comprehended when viewed raw. I personally have no opinion. Art is what you make it to be and how you come to relate to it. Like literature, art has thematic foundations that make it what it is. Also like literature, there are no wrong answers in art. The beauty of art is that you can enjoy it as you please.

Why art should be interpreted the way people think it should be all lies in the moral grounds we stand on with art. Should we respect art and only take it as it is? Structured and restricted with certain symbolic meanings? Or should we be able to leave art open to interpretation? Should the masses be allowed to look at art and develop their own opinions?

I see art as having no limitations. Just like how literature is the process of inscribing imagination into pages of paper, art is the creation of imagination. No matter who you are, you were born with the ability to love, if not all, even a certain kind of art. Art is more than what meets the eye, it’s what you project onto creation. And through that projection, that we can be touched intimately through beauty.


Brittany Lee