Fill your cup.


“Would you like me to fill your cup?” I would always ask this of my guests. Whenever I had company, I offer drinks because one, everyone is too polite to be hungry and two, everyone is too thirsty to be polite.

Water is a universal necessity for humans. Water, or any liquid in that sense, rejuvenates our body. It keeps us awake, working and most importantly alive.

I recently joined an organization called Thirst Relief International. During the meeting, I watched a short clip on how one-third of the world’s population was dying of thirst. Growing up in the American suburbs, I knew that my community was better off than most of the world. Maybe we were better off than most of America. But there was something we were missing. Although our taps may have a never-ending flow of clean drinking water, everyday Americans are dying of thirst.

The thirst? Lack of creativity.

Creativity, I believe, is what fuels design, innovation and much more. Like water, it keeps us active, awake and working. It is the foundation of all creation. It lies in the word itself. Without it, we might as well stop functioning and turn off. “Schools are killing creativity.” Sir Ken Robinson says. He is aware of this thirst, but sadly a majority of Americans do not.

So what I ask of my audience, as my job as a good hostess is, please let your cup be filled. Become aware of this thirst. And quench it.


Brittany Lee