Time alone is not time wasted.

Swinging on a Cloud by Unknown Artist

Swinging on a Cloud by Unknown Artist

After having a tough week, I was near tipping point. I didn’t want to deal with humans anymore, nor the social stigma of loneliness. I find myself trying to surround people around me and then pushing them away, especially when I try to convince myself that I am perfectly content alone. But it’s of no use. I am like every other creature in modern society. I value company. When I woke up this morning, I saw a near-future vision of myself sobbing breathlessly in the school bathrooms by the History Halls.

“None of that!” I said to myself this morning and took the day off. This is congratulations to me, for being able to break that barrier. My first step in being able to be alone is valuing myself over others.

Don’t live for other people. Get up in the morning and do something for yourself.


Brittany Lee