The Fire-Tailed Bordercocker

I love getting my brainfuel from Upworthy. This was my Brainiac Snack of the afternoon.

territorio-de-zaguates-animal-shelter-unique-breeds-image-1024-58143 (1)

A fire-tailed border what?!

In Costa Rica, an animal shelter finds out that they need to do something fast about all the homeless dogs. The shelter was on limited space, but the puppies seem to be limitless. 94% of all shelter dogs were mixed breeds too, and mutts are less favorable to families coming in for adoptions. So from need to feed, the Costa Ricans have come up with a way for the richer gentry to place an interest in adopting mixed breeds: give them a smashing name.

In Freakonomics, we learn that names do not decide your future but for homeless mixed breeds in Costa Rica, they do. Names like Fire-tailed, Bunny-tailed, Dobersnauzer, and other delightful hybrid titles give the mixed breeds a breed to be proud of. Imagine owning a Bunny-Tailed Dane Terrier. Wouldn’t you just love showing your dog off? After all, it’s one-of-a-kind!

Nothing was changed about the adoption process, nor were the dogs pampered and remodeled to fit consumer needs. Only one little thing was tweaked, a name, and it made all the difference.

What’s in a name? The small thin line between euthanizing syringe and a loving family.

Enjoy the artwork of the special breeds by Costa Rica’s Territorio de Zaguates Foundation!

-Brittany Lee