The New Yorker’s Eustace Tilley Annual Competition

Very cool!

nyc sunflower

I love reading The New Yorker and I especially enjoy the creative covers. I think the cover always hits the nail on the head as to what New Yorkers are thinking about…once a year, I really enjoy seeing a new version of Eustace Tilley…

Eustace Tilley was drawn by Rea Irvin, the first art editor, for the cover of the first issue of The New Yorker, in 1925. He has been recreated for every anniversary issue since. For the past two decades, The New Yorker has invited contributing artists to reinterpret this iconic dandy, and since 2008, readers contributed to the Eustace Tilley Contest. This year, the magazine is hosting the contest for the 85th anniversary.

Create your own Eustace Tilley for a chance to win and be featured in an online slide show curated by The New Yorkers art editor, Françoise Mouly.

To enter, register and upload…

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