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TOKIO is an upscale sushi restaurant in Hungary that features the brilliant designs of Viktor Csap, a Hungarian based designer who sought to incorporate Japan’s local night-life themes into Budapest’s best sushi restaurant. When the restaurant first opened, it gave the warmest of all housewarmings. Csap established a certain identity to TOKIO and gave it its own electric feel. His project and gift to the underground eateries of Budapest was given with such grace and design, that even if the food was mediocre, the environment was still flawlessly creative. I think that for up and coming designers of innovation designers, appeal is key. It will not only make it more professional looking, but give off a certain feeling of a new perspective or dancing off a funky beat. Nonetheless, appeal is just a little effort of decoration that can yield prosperous amounts of positive feedback. Remember, your project need not only be amazing, but it’s got to look amazing. Take a moment and look over your designs and make sure that when you market it, think like Viktor Csap. Give it its own identity and make it professional.

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