As we march forth into the dawning Age of Technology, we seem rather eager to let iPads and smart phones take over our lives, but we still fret over Robotic Frankensteins, who may very well take over the human race.


Now I’m obviously talking about things like Robocop and the new hit show Almost Human, because it’s quite likely what our future will become like. Back when the Great War was over, people started using the phrase “the war has changed us all”. But why don’t we use the phrase “the internet has changed us all”, because whether we like it or not, it’s not just our productivity that has been changed, we have been changed.

Back to robots. How do we feel about these Hollowmen? I find it funny that two people can make a child, but two million may not even make a single robot. Truthfully, I feel sorry for robotic forms. They’re brought into the world to perform all the duties we as humans don’t want to perform, and they don’t even get the best of it, we do. I’ve watched Wall-e countless times, and its always so sad to me that the humans had built some sort of robotic life form, but had not given it a real sense of “life” itself.

Hollowmen used to refer to people without souls, men without a sense of moral values or scarecrows to scare the crows away. The creation of robots is a rather peculiar thing because it’s exactly like creating scarecrows and mannequins. They’re all anthropomorphic designs and sculptures made to perform a certain duty or service. But we don’t see robots in the same light as strawmen. Why? Because they move? Because Siri speaks? Because Jarvis can hear you halfway across the nation and send you your super suit? To me they’re all Hollowmen: humans who are not humans but classified so because they do as humans should. Remember when I said they didn’t get the best out of living even though they live to serve us? No robot can love, or enjoy a book by the fire. No matter how human you can make them, they’re just simply not human because being human is getting the best out of breathing.


Artwork by

아메바피쉬 amebafish