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Lo and behold. The birth of an infant project came into full bloom that Friday night. The days we spent planning and the nights we spend designing came to life. One reason why I am so proud of my team is because we received no guidance of any sort from previous planners. The most experience we had? Attending TEDxOrangeCoast and reading some TEDx guidelines.

I think what I learned from this project was that students and young ones like us are so adaptable. We take a blueprint from a website and we build Rome. Many adults haven’t come as far as us, and it’s because they haven’t realized the potential and adaptability inside themselves.

Were we stressed? Yes. Were we dead that week? Oddly enough, no. Our team was rather consistent. Although we had technical difficulties and stage design, everything else was pretty much completed by our team way before the event took place.

It might sound ridiculous, but I’m looking forward to that hustle and bustle again next year when we plan another event from spring.