Your Modern Prometheus


When I think about Prometheus, I first think about Michael Fassbender, and then I think about Adam, from the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

Prometheus, the champion of mankind. And what did he do? Defy every absolute the gods have given him. More than a myth or fairytale, the story of Prometheus, the titan that became the bringer of the manifestation known as humanity, is a battle we, as humans face everyday. Like Adam, Prometheus was punished by the gods and sent to a life of torture for what he had done. But if the gods hated him so much, why do we as humans celebrate him? Why do we tell the story that the gods punished Prometheus for his benevolence?

Since the scientific revolution, there has been an ongoing war between science and religion. I attribute the story of Prometheus, the man who brought fire, and thus light into the darkness, to be a story that stood for scientific achievement against the gods. He was the first scientist, the first one to venture into the unknown, take an idea, and put it to great use. He was Greece’s first innovator. He innovated fire, something natural, into a tool for mankind. But of course, the gods punish Prometheus and that is where religion plays in.

Has anyone ever told you not to do something? But you went with your best judgement and did it anyways? Did it turn out well? I think about this all the time. Defying the laws that tell us no make us into scientists. It’s asking questions that have a definite answer from the abbey (which is God created all things and thus work through him)  and saying NO. No, there must be more to it. No, there must be an answer that makes sense. When we pose these questions and refuse to take a direct order that all things must be of order, we become our own Modern Prometheus. We make our own tools for our lives.

When I think of Adam, I think of a spoiled brat living in a garden of petunias sipping on Don Pérignon with a straw. He has a head filled with flowers, which is a giant facade created by God to shield him from the truth of mankind. When he broke those rules and God punished him, he became Prometheus. As humans, we are never content with living with the answer “That’s just the way it is.” Had Adam wanted to live that life, we would have all stayed in the Garden of Eden sipping champagne through sippy cups. We strive for success, even when it meant to succeed God. It’s not bad, it’s pretty foolish, but its in our nature. We’re innovators who want to beat the odds. We want to control nature. We want to find control over our lives, not leave it up to chance or a deity.

There’s a reason why science is such a celebrated practice to this day. Because we are the mortals that have deceived the order above.