Good Animations Make Great Commercials


Remember when I told you about my huge obsession with old-fashioned hand-drawn animation? I found a short film about the history of TSB, an English bank, that is not only hand-drawn 2D, but combines 3D animation too. Watch for yourself! How about that for innovation?

I have to admit, I kind of miss AP Econ. This short video would have just been another sob story for me, but learning economics changed my perspective on what banks really did. And what Henry Duncan did was really innovative, even if it was already based off an idea formed by the Italian bankers. Giving back to the community was also a big part of the short film, which is the basis of my new class, AP Government. I think this film really ties the two together. Man, if only TSB was a federally owned bank. Then it would be so cool.

Anyways, less emphasis on bank, and more on the 2-D animation. I love the fusion twist. Studio AKA is phenomenal. They’ve won BAFTA awards! Check them out at