Made with Love


What do you think when you think of love on Valentine’s Day?

When I think of love, I think of quilts made by grandmothers. I think quilts resemble love in every way: how warm they are, how they were made with loving hands, and how every single stitch was sewn together with the thought of the recipient.

I think quilt art is underrated. Quilt art? What’s that? A bunch of grandmas instagramming in their patchwork circles? What?

That’s exactly what quilt art is NOT! Quilt art is actually a fusion of modern contemporary art and the art of quilting put together. Not all quilt art are by old people (most are, but that’s besides the point! Old people are so much more patient with this kind of stuff!). Artists who feel a need to get away from traditional practices have all tried some sort of patchwork art. Quilt art is for artists who want to spread their canvas on something they can utilize, like a blanket. But then again, who sleeps with quilts, they’re always mounted on the wall in homes.

Hence art! Do you sleep with a giant framed canvas on your bed? No? Don’t think so!