I wonder when art became so important in advertising?

I’m sure Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell Soup Can painting can lend some insight into today’s society of advert art.

It’s not only important for a company to create a good product, but to also advertise it better than its competitors. Art in advertisement is subtle, yet fascinating. Graphic design artists coming out of graduation would be thrilled to work in the heart of capitalism.

Much of the design of products come from three areas: art, tradition, or for the sake of sale. Let’s take a look:



Coca Cola has always been a household brand with a can design that has lasted generations. Unlike its competitors, the can has rarely changed. The font of the title still holds true. Mountain Dew we know, has gone over several new changes and suddenly threw back to its original can style. Why?

Society has a sort of way in seeing products. Back when Mountain Dew had its frenzy, cool design, the company tried to appeal to athletics and games, advertising itself as a game drink. However, the society today is looking for a classy way to drink soda, and you have to admit, you’d love to hold an old fashioned can of soda when you instagram it.