Fighting the Grey Lines

I haven’t posted lately, and I apologize. It’s been such a busy month and I’ve had my hands full with college, applications, and other school related business teachers claim don’t matter, but in fact they actually do. I’ll talk about those laters. As of now, I’m going to talk about a fight.

No, it wasn’t an after school rumble. It’s a fight through emails with the real world. It’s with adults and it’s with the problem of prioritizing.

As a young adult coming into the real world, it’s important to learn how adults work. Speak professionally. Dress conservatively. Avoid politics. And always be respectful. Bail on kids?

We’re kids. High school students who are so desperately hard to achieve in this world. And it sucks. Becoming an adult sucks. Jobs? You need experience for a job. Where do you get experience? A job. Want to apply for the job? Get experience. It’s a Catch-22. Adults, they bail on you like it’s nothing. It’s always the excuse: “You wouldn’t understand.” or “This is more important.”

I grew up with the phrase “You’re too young to understand.” But what’s to understand? Theoretical physics? Bipartisan politics? Stuck in the middle of a conflict between my parents, I’m inclined to do something. But even at age 17, I’m ignored like a child.

Today, my event got shacked by a speaker. An important speaker made a commitment to speak at our event and just recently, with our event showcasing in t minus three days, he emailed us saying he had an important issue to attend to. He did however, leave us with a potential replacement!… who bailed on us a day after. So is it just me, or do human beings suck?

I’m sure it’s not just towards kids, adults do it to each other all the time too. It’s difficult to argue the grey. Perhaps our speaker had done the right choice, since his career is much more important than his commitment to us. But then again, it was extremely disrespectful to us that he quit us a few days before our event.

Sometimes I don’t know what to think. Disappointment is a part of being alive. Little issues like these can bring an entire project down.