David Nyari Watches You (& Culturally Iconic Movies)

Artist Watch of the Week: David Nyari

David Nyari Watches You (& Culturally Iconic Movies)He’s every’s favorite artist. Not only does he create these great geometric and simplistic pieces of iconic subjects, but he has great taste as well. Look here, he appreciates the comedies with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! This gallery showcases the different movies the duo has been in.

One of his strongest techniques come from the retro and vintage styles of old school arcade games. He creates a new kind of technique that blends the traditional pixel art with vectors and uses smooth but concrete lines to outline his characters. Less talk, more showcasing.

One of the best attributes of pop culture artists is that they place their own kind of style on culture icons, yet they can still enhance a definite feature of them. Look at the above albums remade by Nyari. Without their titles, we can all pretty much assume what artist it is. Here’s some fun ones: try to determine what television series, film or other culture media the following art is from: