Good Animations Make Great Commercials

Remember when I told you about my huge obsession with old-fashioned hand-drawn animation? I found a short film about the history of TSB, an English bank, that is not only hand-drawn 2D, but┬ácombines… Continue reading

Your Modern Prometheus

When I think about Prometheus, I first think about Michael Fassbender, and then I think about Adam, from the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Prometheus, the champion of┬ámankind. And what did he… Continue reading

FrankenArt: Mechanical Parts

This isn’t just for artists. It’s for everyone. It is the coolest thing ever. Although the video itself sounds like the awkward moment at the copy machine room with the new intern, who… Continue reading

Merry Christmas!


Lo and behold. The birth of an infant project came into full bloom that Friday night. The days we spent planning and the nights we spend designing came to life. One reason why… Continue reading


As we march forth into the dawning Age of Technology, we seem rather eager to let iPads and smart phones take over our lives, but we still fret over Robotic Frankensteins, who may… Continue reading


Lately I’ve been quite fond of illusional art. Does that make me delusional about it? Well, it does make me think. I think illusions themselves are rather cool concepts. When you believe in… Continue reading



TOKIO is an upscale sushi restaurant in Hungary that features the brilliant designs of Viktor Csap, a Hungarian based designer who sought to incorporate Japan’s local night-life themes into Budapest’s best sushi restaurant.… Continue reading

Royal Practics

“Write a story using no more than 100 words.” Some of us believe that it’s literally impossible to write a good story with that kind of limitation on our imaginations. There’s just not… Continue reading

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