Artmares: Adventure Time Cereal Monsters

As a part of a Halloween themed art exhibition, Glen Brogan features his classical style on works of Adventure Time. With a sort of carnivalesque twist, these “Cereal Monsters” are no spookier than… Continue reading

Gender-Swapping Peter Pan: A Social Art

Ever since the Adventure Time Gender-Swap special aired on television, I’ve been a huge fan of gender-swapping characters. I came across this on a Disney board the other day and I instantly fell… Continue reading

ReCreate: UPRISINGS by Kozyndan

I don’t believe anybody has ever thought that the ocean white with foam looks like white rabbits! Kozy and Dan are a husband and wife team that create amazing works of art built… Continue reading

The Readiness is All

Paul Westhead coached LMU to glory in collegiate basketball. One of the most interesting things his players have said was “Practice was harder than the games. The games were like a reward.” Being… Continue reading


Anosognosia is the state of being in which an individual is unaware of his or her disability. But what’s the opposite? If anosognosia is the unknown unknowns, what are the known knowns? When… Continue reading

If at first you don’t succeed – call an airstrike.

Innovation can’t bust through the world’s doors without a failure or two. However sometimes, failure doesn’t come from the creator, but from the public. And it’s not their fault. This week’s top news… Continue reading

Banksy Plays the Violin

Originally posted on The Hipping Post:
Earlier this year, I read an article about Joshua Bell, a violinist who played at a Washington D.C. subway station during the morning rush hour. Unlike most…

THE NEW YORKER: An artform of its own kind.

The New Yorker has always been a favorite of mine. Creativity spreads far pass its amazing cover art and the satire of its comics. Here’s a life lesson: read The New Yorker at… Continue reading

The New Yorker’s Eustace Tilley Annual Competition

Originally posted on nyc sunflower:
I love reading The New Yorker and I especially enjoy the creative covers. I think the cover always hits the nail on the head as to what New Yorkers…

Body Systems

Originally posted on ,:
Take a look at these really interesting illustrations of our insides by Rachel Ignotofsky. She is both a graphic designer and illustrator who currently works at Hallmark Greetings co. If…

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